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Where can I find my tag code or part number on my pontoon boat or float tube?

For pontoon boats, the tags are sewn inside one of the storage bag pockets. For float tubes, the tags may be sewn inside one of the storage bag pockets or behind the seat/inside the seat pocket depending on your float tube model.

Where can I find the Hull Identification number (HIN)?

The HIN is printed in 3 places. You can find it stamped into the frame in the back of the boat, or on either pontoon.

What if I have an older pontoon boat that does not have a hull identification number?

If your boat does not have a Hull ID number you can register your boat as a “backyard boat builder”. Depending on the state, you will receive a HIN or a registration number.

How do I inflate the bladder on my pontoon boat?

In order to inflate your bladders, you want to make sure that your valve is in the closed position. We recommend using a hand or foot pump, or a dual action air pump in order to inflate them properly.

Do the pontoon boats or float tubes come with a pump?

Our pontoon boats and float tubes do not come packaged with a pump, but we do have one available for purchase:

Does the Cumberland Float Tube seat sit high so you are out of the water or does it sit down in the water?

The Cumberland has an extra high seat to help keep you drier, but it also depends on how much weight is on the boat. The maximum weight it can hold is 350 lbs. including gear and rider. The less weight you have means the higher you float; more weight...

Where can I buy spare or replacement parts?

You can find our replacement parts here:

Does the seat swivel on the Colorado XT?

No, the seat does not swivel.

Can I store my pontoon boat in the water?

No, We do not recommend storing your boat in the water.

Can I upgrade in skin and bladder size?

Yes, as long as it is within one foot of the original size. For example you can have a 8ft frame and go up to 9ft bladders and skins.

How can I add a transport wheel to my Wilderness Pontoon boat?

It is possible to add one. You will need to purchase the additional parts listed here: Rear Cargo platform—PRT-30-028 Rear Platform frame—PRT-30-027 Seat Frame—PRT-30-023 Wheel Package—PRT-30-076 You can find these replacement parts here: https://...

Can I use an air compressor to inflate my bladders?

In order to avoid over inflation and possible bursting of the bladders, we do not recommend that you use an air compressor to inflate them. We only recommend using a hand or foot pump, or a dual action air pump.

I am using an electric mattress pump why isn't it inflating my bladder?

We recommend using a hand or foot pump, or a dual action air pump in order to inflate them properly. The electric pumps do not have enough power to open the valve to allow air in.

I cannot find a trolling motor that has 30LB of thrust with a 36in shaft. Can I use any other size?

You can also use a 40LB thrust with a 36in shaft. We do not advise that you go over 40LBS of thrust.