Down Draft Evaporative Cooler Cover

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Down Draft Evaporative Cooler Cover
Keeps weather, leaves and dirt out of motor while reducing drafts
  • Adjustable side lacing system for a fast and secure fit
  • Vent panels reduce inside condensation and wind lofting
  • 2 Year Warranty


Model Model 0 Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4 Model 5
Fits Coolers 34"W 34"D 36"H Coolers 36"W 36"D 40"H Coolers 34"W 34"D 40"H Coolers 37"W 37"D 42"H Coolers 28"W 28"D 34"H Coolers 42"W 47"D 33"H
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Color Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey
Model Model 6 Model 7 Model 8 Model 9 Model 10 Model 11
Fits Coolers 37"W 37"D 45"H Coolers 40"W 40"D 46"H Coolers 42"W 43"D 33"H Coolers 41"W 41"D 37"H Coolers 40"W 40"D 31"H Coolers 42"W 47"D 28"H
Stock No. 52-019-191001-00 52-020-201001-00 52-021-211001-00 52-022-221001-00 52-023-231001-00 52-024-241001-00
Color Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

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